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Gritty Online Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer

Michael Lee is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach with years of experience in training and helping people achieve their fitness goals. He is based in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, and has multiple post-graduate certifications in personal training, including NASM, ISSA, and ACE. As an avid sportsman and football player, he developed a fiery passion and affinity for physical conditioning and health. His lifelong enthusiasm for getting fit and healthy led him to turn his passion into a career and dedicate himself to helping others feel more confidently in shape and beautiful.


As the founder of Grit Fitness, Mike serves as an online personal trainer and fitness coach. He aims to use his vast professional experience and knowledge to motivate people to reach their long-term fitness goals.


Grit Fitness Programs

We provide comprehensive training that is based on research, experience, and dedication. Through a special blend of training exercises, a healthy lifestyle, and nutrition programs, we guide you in shedding pounds, ditching unhealthy foods, and adding muscles to your body.


We’ve helped thousands of people achieve their full-fit body potential. We want you to look and feel at your very best with the interest to achieve a new confident you.


We help you boost your muscle mass through consistent training and good nutrition with the right amount of proteins to grow your muscles.


We offer a healthy diet and fat-burning exercises to help push your body mass into an ideal zero-fat, lean muscle, and healthy heart.


We provide full-body training to help tone your muscles, biceps, calves, pecs, and more using the latest research-based routine workout.


We use various moderate to intense workouts to increase and balance your heart rate through effective yet low-impact exercise



We run core exercises for beginners and advanced training to help you build a strong build and strengthen your abdominal area. 


We understand there is no good one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellness, so we provide tailor-made training and healthy diet plans.

We know that a balanced and nutritious diet is part of a successful fitness program. We offer customized and easy-to-make meal plan that helps you achieve your fitness goal and improve your overall wellbeing.

Image by Victor Freitas

I have been training with Mike now for 60 days and he has been one of the most helpful trainers I have ever had, especially when it comes to Nutrition! The concept of the most import part of weight loss is nutrition is something he fully embraces. His diet and workout plan has led to my success of 24.4 lbs lost!

Eileen Gutmann

"My husband and I have been working with Mike for 4 weeks. He is so knowledgeable in every aspect of diet, nutrition and exercise. We are making great progress to date. Mike is available for questions and answers within such a short time frame. Do yourself a favor by choosing Mike and Grit Fitness for your healthier lifestyle.

Grain Killyleagh Pope

Be Gritty, Be the Fittest, Be the Healthiest You

Be in The Best Shape with an Effective Online Fitness Coaching

Our goal is to assist you in achieving all of your health and fitness goals. We’ll guide you as you achieve a fit and healhy physique so you feel much stronger and self-assured. We understand everyone wants to be healthy and fit, but only a few people have the motivation to actually do it. We are committed to your success. As the top online personal trainer, we will provide you full access to the latest exercise and fitness programs to ensure you achieve the best results.



15523 Trinity Fall Way, Bradenton, FL 34212

Tel: 918-636-6965

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